Oldtimer’s hockey players and team 1970-71

These are the people who put the league together and who played the games.



Liniment League Hockey Assoc. 1970-71    
  President Clarence Graham          
  VP Jack Pierce          
  Treasurer Dale Lind          
  Stats Marion West          
  Legion Vets Dunlop Retreads The Other Guys
Rolly Pare   Jack Pierce   John Duggan
Keith Norman   John Lund   Eric West
Bill Mazurkewich   Arnold Towle   Bill Morrison
Jacques Perron   Bob Prime   Pete MacDonald
Richard Lampi   Al Triege   Al Kerr
Glen Lambkin   Doug McIntyre   Brian McCallum
Clyde Riddel   Tom Nash   Art Rheault
Max Beyak   Leo Lamarche   Larry Fontana
Jerry Duhamel   Finn Warren   Gordon Peterson
Ron Bang   Bob Moffat   Ron Bazinet
Jim Koroscil   Pat Pierce   Clayton Perry
Dave Alton   Wayne McKay   Charlie Viddal
Louis Zucchiatti   Tom Cox   Gilbert Plummerridge
Reg White   Stafford Yurkiw   Dennis Brown
Owen Boland   Clay Coulson     Korelenko
Jerry Zajak   Richard Kolton   Dale Lind
Won 11   Won 11   Won 3
Lost 5   Lost 5   Lost 15
Tied 3   Tied 3   Tied 0
Points 25   Points 25   Points 6
  Most goals   14 John Lunn    
  most assists   11 John Lunn    
      11 Dennis Brown    
      11 Jacques Perron    
      11 Jack Pierce    
  Most points   25 John Lunn    
  most penalty min   32 Bill Mazukewich    
  most goals   5 John Lunn    
  most assists   3 John Lunn    
  most points   8 John Lunn    




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